Body Sculpting Treatment

Lip Enhancements

The Sculptor Experience

Sculptor is a safe, non-surgical beauty treatment that combines natural biological methods with the latest aesthetics technology to slim, sculpt and tone the body all at once.

Sculptor is a unique device that utilizes high frequency and micro current energy to help you feel youthful and look vibrant. Treatments are based on hydrolysis, a non-invasive treatment for body shaping, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening.

Your Sculptor experience requires no anesthetics and zero recovery time. Every session is personalized, and dramatic results can be seen almost immediately, even after just one treatment!
Body Sculpting for Women
For Optimal Results

Drink a gallon of water per day, every day.

1000 mg of vitamin C taken twice per day.

Wear sun screen to protect your skin. SPF 50.

Limit caffeine and alcohol intake to minimize skin dehydration.

Eat responsibly, limit sun exposure and exercise daily.